The moon

When I was a kid, the moon used to be my only friend. It gave me company whenever I cried myself to sleep because I couldn't get my favorite toy. It was my only companion when I was stressed out about that first position in class. It heard my rants about the bully I hated … Continue reading The moon



The heartache sometimes overpowers my sanity. Hope dies. But before it's born again, the void it creates shreds my existence into tiny pieces. As if I am to let go of the body that has carried the burden of my soul for so long, without appreciating its stoicism. As if my body would always curse … Continue reading Abandoned

Silencing LUMS, Resilencing Balochistan

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*Originally posted on the Dawn Blog. Unedited version below:

“Learn about the history, complications, human rights abuses, and the struggle for justice that has been going on in Balochistan.”

Such was the description of an event that was to be held at the Lahore University of Management Sciences today.

Highly-anticipated, Unsilencing Balochistan was scheduled to have a panel including Mama Qadeer (Chairman, Voice for Missing Baloch Persons), Farzana Majeed (General Secretary, Voice for Missing Baloch Persons), columnist and activist M. M. Ali Talpur, academic Professor Aasim Sajjad Akhtar, Director HRCP I. A. Rehman and activist Sajjad Changhezi. The session was to be moderated by Chief Editor of the Daily Times, Rashid Rahman.


However, yesterday students, staff and faculty at LUMS were abruptly emailed a brief, one-liner by Ali Khan, Chair of the Humanities and Social Sciences Department:

“The scheduled talk has been cancelled.”

While the reasons were clear to…

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Was Farkhunda Mentally Ill?: Using Mental Illness As An Excuse To Hide Shame And Dishonour

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Only because I refuse to share pictures of the bloodied Farkhunda, right before she was killed. I just can't. It's too gruesome and heart-wrenching! :( Only because I refuse to share pictures of the bloodied Farkhunda, right before she was killed. I just can’t. It’s too gruesome and heart-wrenching! 😦

For the past few days, news about a 27-year-old Afghan woman named Farkhunda, who was brutally and mercilessly killed last week Thursday (March 19, 2015), has been circulating all over the world wide web. Countless articles, blogs, op-eds, and press releases have been written, explaining what exactly happened, how it happened, and why it happened. And each time, something new — something painful and utterly disturbing — was revealed. While I will not delve into the details of that horrific incident, as there are no words — absolutely no words at all — to describe my feelings for this incredibly inhumane brutality that took place that horribly fateful day, one thing I can’t help but question about Farkhunda’s incident is this: Was she really mentally ill, as…

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Greed, Rubber and Colonialism

King Leopold II, of Belgium, went to extract rubber out of the forests of Congo. He had this idea that colonies should serve the interests of the colonizer, which was the whole point of colonizing. King Leopold had given free hand to his people in Congo, they are allowed to do anything as long as the rubber supply was continued.The white men required a hand for each bullet they handed over to soldiers, because a bullet required a human corps with it, it was too precious to be wasted in just frightening them.